Visiting Priests/Teachers

  • Shundo David Haye – Shundo is a Zen priest who trained for 15 years at San Francisco Zen Centre including 5 years of monastic life in the mountains at Tassajara.
  • Ingen Breen – Ingen is a Zen teacher who regularly visits Hebden Bridge from his temple in Co Clare Eire. He trained at SFZC and his teacher is Norman Fischer.
  • Catherine Gammon – Catherine is a Zen teacher and writer who leads meditation and creative writing retreats for us.
  • Brad Warner – Brad is a Zen teacher, writer and punk bassist who has visited us recently.
  • Zenways – a Zen group led by Daizan Roshi, a Zen teacher who has visited us.
  • Dancing Mountains – UK wide Sangha of Zen practitioners in the lineage of San Francisco Zen Centre.
  • Reb Anderson – personal site of Reb Anderson, Tenshi Roshi – a Zen teacher who will be leading a retreat in Hebden this summer.
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