• Ingen Breen – Ingen is a Zen teacher who regularly leads retreats with us in Hebden Bridge.
  • Catherine Gammon – Catherine is a Zen teacher and writer who leads meditation and creative writing retreats for us.
  • Brad Warner – Brad is a Zen teacher, writer and punk bassist who has visited us recently.
  • Zenways – a Zen group led by Daizan Roshi, a Zen teacher who has visited us.
  • Dancing Mountains – UK wide Sangha of Zen practitioners in the lineage of San Francisco Zen Centre.
  • San Francisco Zen Centre – Zen Centre founded by Shunryu Suzuki.
  • Reb Anderson – personal site of Reb Anderson, Tenshi Roshi – a Zen teacher who will be leading a retreat in Hebden this summer.
  • Throssel Hole – a Zen Buddhist Abbey in Northumberland from which teachers have visited us in the past.


Other Events

"To have some deep feeling about Buddhism is not the point, we just do what we should do, like eating supper and going to bed. This is Buddhism.” - Shunryu Suzuki